Falcons’ Matt Ryan still has to prove he can be trusted

Matt Ryan lifted the Falcons to a first-round bye and into a divisional-round playoff game against the Seahawks, and he lifted himself into the MVP conversation.

But do you trust him in this postseason or, for Cheap Gaelic Jerseys that matter, this weekend?

Dont feel bad if you dont. There are still some great reasons not to. Feel free to not believe in him until you see him do it.

Ryan certainly could continue the best statistical season, by far, of his nine-year career and cross that last threshold to that category shared by the proven winners. Knocking out someone in that category already, the SeahawksRussell Wilson, would go a long way toward doing that.

Also up there and potentially in his Super Bowl path: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger.

Yes, its a lofty standard. Thats just how it goes, and building a numerical argument against it is pointless. Get it done in the playoffs. Or, at least, dont blow it. Dont screw up. Dont make Cheap Goalkeeper Jerseys that fatal mistake that sticks to you until you tear it off yourself.

Are you ready to believe he can do that when he’s gone this far without doing it yet?

Owners Terry and Kim Pegula have proven to be impulsive, secretive and unaccountable. They let their crush on Rex Ryan steer them into hiring him almost before the door from the Jets had closed behind him, then pulled rank on him this season, capped by firing him over the phone.

General manager Doug Whaley got publicly embarrassed by the revelations that he was barely part of the coach-hiring and firing decisions at all. Interim head coach Anthony Lynn got equally shown up by being frozen out of decisions about playing Tyrod Taylor, who the team is trying to avoid paying his contract guarantees for next year.

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