Deshaun Watson was a revelation as a rookie before he got hurt.

What we want is to make $32 million over the next two years. Length of the deal doesn’t matter. You need to make it longer to prorate the signing Basketball Jerseys Custom bonus and stay under the salary cap? Knock yourselves out. Add four years onto the deal that’s already out there, give us a $22 million signing bonus, a $1 million salary in 2018 and a $9 million salary in 2019, all fully guaranteed at signing, and we can work out the rest of the details.

That drops Earl’s 2018 cap number from $8.5 million (which is what it would be for the Chargers if they traded for him without doing an extension) to $5.4 million. You carry a $13.4 million cap number for 2019, but (A) the cap keeps going up anyway and (B) that’s still market value, considering Berry is making $13 million a year. Give us an injury-guaranteed $9 million for 2020 so we can say we got $41 million in guarantees, which is a million more than Berry got, and make that convert to a full guarantee five days after the Super Bowl in 2020.

The key thing for us is the guarantee and the first two years. As long as, at time of signing, he’s guaranteed to make $32 million total over 2018 and 2019, we can do this deal and be happy. If you’re willing to do that, call the Seahawks, tell them you have a deal, and let’s try to bring a Super Bowl trophy to L.A. before the Rams do. Dan Graziano, playing the part of Andrew Kessler and David MulughetaWhy Deshaun Watson is the No. 1 QB in fantasy

Sure, it didn’t help that Swarzak couldn’t have put his hanging slider in a better place for Judge if he left it on a batting tee.

But that last year’s American League Rookie of Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys the Year went after the first pitch at all was a bit of a shocker.

To everyone but manager Aaron Boone, apparently.

That’s one of the things that makes him special, his ability to control the zone, Boone said.

As for the DH, he is a purist, who believes in letting pitchers hit, and enjoyed facing them, but he also believes the American and National Leagues should be equal, at least for the sake of fair play.

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