The Patriots held on to a first-round bye with a win over the Dolphins.

The Steelers did the same Sunday night, with an incredible last-minute win to avoid a upset at the hands of the Brett Hundley-led Packers.

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Bulaga added that he didn’t get a fire-and-brimstone speech from position coach Campen at halftime.also strained his right calf.MIAMI — The Miami Marlins, who have gone through seven managers Cheap Basketball Jerseys since 2010, are hoping Mattingly is here to stay, as they introduced him as the team’s long-term solution on Monday.

Chaffins: Wasn’t about a month ago when you stood here and said ‘well, I hope I ‘t go to the Pro Bowl?’ And I look and they’re practicing today.History look at whether it be words or film and show greatness, inspired greatness, the ability to overcome any obstacle, no matter how dire the circumstance be.Before Sosa went nuts 1998, smashing homers at a record pace with McGwire, he had hit .254 .469 with 207 homers and 199 stole bases over his first Cheap Basketball Jerseys nine seasons, good for a 107 OPS+.Five days after receiving the news that his bust be on display Canton, remained awe as he addressed the media at the Dolphins’ training facility Davie.

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You might be asking yourself how we got to this point.

Really? What about Gabbert’s 9-31 record as a starter? Or his career passer rating of 71.5? Only rookies C.J. Beathard and DeShone Kizer are below that mark among starting quarterbacks in 2017.

Gabbert played three years in Jacksonville and three in San Francisco. None USA Cheap Jerseys of those six years ended with a winning record, and all six ended 25th or lower in points scored. They were, indeed, shitty teams.

Hall of Famers Ivan Rodriguez, Tim Raines salute Adrian Beltre for 3,000th hit

Some days, the timing of baseball is almost unbelievable.

Sunday was one of those days. Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre has been churning toward his 3,000th career hit for quite a while, and it’s possible he could have reached the milestone — which is essentially a guaranteed ticket to the Hall of Fame — a day earlier.

One more grounder could have skipped under a fielder’s glove. One more blooper could have found a clean spot on the outfield grass. Or maybe a look-at-me umpire might not have thrown him out of a game last week for moving the on-deck circle.

But none of those things happened. Beltre’s 3,000th hit came on a line-drive double down the third-base line shortly after 4:30 p.m. ET, at home in front of an adoring crowd.

The hit came mere minutes after another Texas baseball legend, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, finished an emotional and amusing Hall of Fame induction speech.

Rodriguez continued: “He’s a great man. He deserves that and many more. He works hard for it. What he’s done for baseball is unbelievable, on and off the field, with his leadership in the clubhouse and with his teammates, and the way he plays the game on the field for nine innings. The thing is, it’s not going to be his last game. He still has a lot left in his career.”

The main argument against going with technology over the umpire is how the strike zone is set, batter to batter and pitch to pitch. This is where subjectivity comes into play on both ends. While an umpire is more likely to miss a pitch or be fooled by a catcher with excellent framing The Best Cheap Jerseys skills, a machine is more likely to have the zone slightly out of place. Gameday stringers do the best they can to mark the zone on a screen for each batter, but players tend to move while in the the batter’s box. In USA Cheap Jerseys the end, you can’t avoid some level of the human element.

NBA trade rumors: One Draymond Green quote offers Kyrie Irving important lesson

Kyrie Irving needs to listen to Draymond Green.

The words of the loquacious forward directed at Paul Pierce during an epic trash-talking session last season fit the former No. 1 overall pick like a fine, tailored European suit.

“You’re not Kobe.”

In context, Green was keeping it funky with the now-retired Pierce, letting him know his legacy — or lack thereof — wasn’t worthy of an elaborate farewell tour such as the one the entire league participated in during the former Lakers great’s final season in 2015-16. He wasn’t lying.

More likely, Hernandez falls somewhere around 250 wins for his career, which could still be sufficient for the Hall of Fame, but a lot less certain. In this situation, he would likely need other factors to help his case.

He would maybe need to finish somewhere close to 80 WAR, which he seems on track to do. He also might need to get within striking distance of 4,000 strikeouts, also reasonably possible. Basically, Hernandez would be another Bert Blyleven, who needed 14 years on the Hall of Fame ballot for stat-savvy voters and writers to push his case.

Granted, award voters have been good about contextualizing for Hernandez’s career so far, (rightly) giving him the AL Cy Young award when he went 13-12 in 2010. Maybe a Blyleven-like push for Hernandez won’t be necessary 15 years from now.

Snyder’s strong desire and subsequent failure to win a Super Bowl has led to frequent USA Cheap Jerseys management changes, which have contributed to the Redskins never even making it to an NFC championship game since his arrival. None of his eight head coaches have lasted more than four seasons. The track Real Cheap Jerseys record for those making personnel decisions is just as dismal, with Scot McCloughan the latest GM-type tossed to the curb.