This is why Nicki Minaj mentions Giants punter Brad Wing on ‘Skrt On Me’

Punters typically get no love. They’re only on the field for a few plays a game, and sometimes they don’t even take a single snap. Their craft doesn’t get praised when they do well, but if they shank a punt, then they get blamed.

A punter’s life typically isn’t glamorous, but every now and then they get their moment. Take Giants punter Brad Wing, for example. Wing just got name-dropped on Calvin Harris’ new album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 by Nicki Minaj on the song “Skrt On Me.”

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One of the Panthers’ starting second-year corners, James Bradberry, now has to deal with a broken left wrist from OTAs. But other than that, he has high expectations for a breakout year in coverage. While Bradberry has some shutdown potential, Daryl Worley can complement him with more impact plays on the ball from the other side.