NBA trade rumors: One Draymond Green quote offers Kyrie Irving important lesson

Kyrie Irving needs to listen to Draymond Green.

The words of the loquacious forward directed at Paul Pierce during an epic trash-talking session last season fit the former No. 1 overall pick like a fine, tailored European suit.

“You’re not Kobe.”

In context, Green was keeping it funky with the now-retired Pierce, letting him know his legacy — or lack thereof — wasn’t worthy of an elaborate farewell tour such as the one the entire league participated in during the former Lakers great’s final season in 2015-16. He wasn’t lying.

More likely, Hernandez falls somewhere around 250 wins for his career, which could still be sufficient for the Hall of Fame, but a lot less certain. In this situation, he would likely need other factors to help his case.

He would maybe need to finish somewhere close to 80 WAR, which he seems on track to do. He also might need to get within striking distance of 4,000 strikeouts, also reasonably possible. Basically, Hernandez would be another Bert Blyleven, who needed 14 years on the Hall of Fame ballot for stat-savvy voters and writers to push his case.

Granted, award voters have been good about contextualizing for Hernandez’s career so far, (rightly) giving him the AL Cy Young award when he went 13-12 in 2010. Maybe a Blyleven-like push for Hernandez won’t be necessary 15 years from now.

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