Warriors are doing just fine without Kevin Durant, so he’ll rest a little longer

The Warriors provided an update on Kevin Durant’s health Wednesday, essentially saying he’s fine, and he’ll be re-evaluated again in 7-10 days.

Earlier this month, reports said Durant was progressing nicely from his left knee injury and could make a return in the regular season. The first part is accurate, but if he’s held out at least another week then that puts a potential return at the end of the Warriors’ regular-season schedule.

At this point, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him shut down for the rest of the team’s games and make his return in the postseason. There’s no need for Golden State to rush him back into the lineup, espeically with how the team has played without him.

Westbrook stepped in, leading to a shoving match between the two star point guards, with the Thunder’s Taj Gibson and the Warriors’ Draymond Green caught up in the subsequent scrum.

“I was just trying to get in between Russ and (Christon),” Curry told reporters. “And I felt him push me. I kind of let that first one go, then as I kept going there was another little push. And at that point, I just wanted to hold my position.”

Westbrook’s view of the situation was predictably different.

“Protecting my teammates, that’s what’s going through my mind,” Westbrook said. “I think Curry tried to get into it with Semaj, tried to push him, and I stepped right in between.

“That’s it. Once I see something going down with my teammates, I’m hopping in.”

Curry had the final say before halftime, though, collecting Thompson’s pass Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale from the jump ball and nailing a 3-pointer before the buzzer and then sprinting down the tunnel.

“That was dope,” Green said of Curry’s buzzer-beater. “A Philadelphia Eagles Cheap Jerseys heads-up play by Klay, to get the pass out to Steph, and a great shot.”

This is why Nicki Minaj mentions Giants punter Brad Wing on ‘Skrt On Me’

Punters typically get no love. They’re only on the field for a few plays a game, and sometimes they don’t even take a single snap. Their craft doesn’t get praised when they do well, but if they shank a punt, then they get blamed.

A punter’s life typically isn’t glamorous, but every now and then they get their moment. Take Giants punter Brad Wing, for example. Wing just got name-dropped on Calvin Harris’ new album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 by Nicki Minaj on the song “Skrt On Me.”

“Knowing that I could be really big in China, was really cool to me,” Thompson said on on Nice Kicks’ podcast. “The shoe market, sometimes, it’s over-flooded in the states. So, I US Cheap Jerseys Club was like, ‘Why not, branch out and be global.”

Since signing with ANTA, Thompson has won become an all-star, won a pair of rings and an Olympic gold medal. The more he wins on the court, the more marketable he is off it.

“The tours have been crazy,” Thompson said. “…I could do a USA tour and go to Portland, Seattle, Chicago or wherever. I’m not getting these crowds. But I’m taking a five-city tour in China and there’s thousands of people waiting to see me. I can’t believe it. The hunger from these people just to see Philadelphia Eagles Cheap Jerseys one of their favorite basketball players is so cool.”

One of the Panthers’ starting second-year corners, James Bradberry, now has to deal with a broken left wrist from OTAs. But other than that, he has high expectations for a breakout year in coverage. While Bradberry has some shutdown potential, Daryl Worley can complement him with more impact plays on the ball from the other side.