Aaron Rodgers goes on date with ‘Baywatch’ actress Kelly Rohrbach

Pereira: Let me start by saying that what they are doing now with the three positions was the same thing that Dean was going to do if he stayed. It has gotten too big for one person. Dean’s plan, if he would have stayed, was to have a head of instant replay so that he wouldn’t be the guy making all the decisions on all the plays, kind of like the NBA model. Russell would have been the guy anyway if Dean would have still been there and have a guy that is the head of evaluation and development. This was coming no matter what.

I think that’s a good thing because I know how tough the job is. I get it. Dean, I wish he was still there personally because I think the program was really headed in the right direction. But during the season, it’s 80 hours a week in the office. You are there for all the games, the night games on Mondays and Thursdays and Sunday. It’s the second-hardest job in the league, I think. I give Goodell the nod — barely.

Here’s a guy in Blandino that’s got two kids under the age of five. What kind of family life is he getting? I know that he’s headed to the media. I’m not exactly sure where but after NFL Jerseys China making the jump myself, that first year he’s gonna go, “Oh my God, was this the right decision!” He’s going to be able to spend time with the kids on the beach and have a more normal life.

Do you still feel it’s the right move for the NFL bringing replay reviews into the league office with Dean gone?
Aaron Rodgers is wasting little time getting back into the game — the dating game, that is.

After breaking up with longtime girlfriend and actress Olivia Munn in April, the Packers quarterback was spotted at a Los Angeles golf course Thursday with “Baywatch” actress Kelly Rohrbach.

According to TMZ, Rodgers, 33, and Rohrbach, 27, were getting pretty flirty and holding hands on the Westchester Golf Course but stopped when they noticed people watching them.