he showed excellent agility in the three-cone and shuttle drills and good size

How did Memphis climb to the middle of the pack in three-point reliance after finishing in the bottom five in both metrics last season? Gasol became a legitimate stretch-five, hitting 39 percent of more than three triples per game, while Conley became a gunner, doubling his threes per game while hitting 40 percent. Carter and Troy Daniels added some shooting punch off the bench.

When your center and point guard are really good three-point shooters, you can survive playing Allen at the two for 27 minutes per game. That said, the Grindfather is 35, and the injuries are piling up. Reliability is a bigger issue than shooting. With limited resources and no faith that Parsons will return to form, Memphis can’t afford to invest in players who are health risks.

At the NFL Combine, he showed excellent agility in the three-cone and shuttle drills and good size, at 6’2, 204, with above-average hand size.

His head coach at EWU, current Cal offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin, runs an air raid offense. That means tons of passing and lots of option routes for receivers. Kupp spent four years moving all around EWU’s formations, running routes that change after the snap with the purpose of leading receivers to green grass. (Or red turf, in games played at EWU.)

We don’t use the term “air raid” much for NFL offenses, but pro teams have moved close to the system. The Patriots have enjoyed great success with the help of ex-air raid receivers who time up routes and get open at exactly the right times.

“That’s gonna be big at the next level,” Kupp said, “as much as you are called to be able to find zones and understand what the defense is doing. There’s so many adjustments off of every route that, if you’re able to understand the defense, then you can play that much faster, because Cheap Spirit Jerseys you don’t even know pre-snap, sometimes, exactly what you’re gonna need to do.”