What quarterbacks do you like to watch and emulate?

Their success wasn’t the sole reason for that increase in wins, but it was a significant factor. That spins back to Peterson. Minnesota went from a 6-10 team before Peterson’s arrival in 2007 to 12-4 with a trip to the NFC championship game by 2009. Their win total increased by two in each of his first three seasons.

If a GM believes that Fournette can have that type of impact over the next few seasons, then he’s worth the pick.

Fournette at least proved he’s worth considering in the top five, but it’s still a risk. He could’ve really forced the issue with a time below 4.5 at his pro day. He’ll likely be the first running back off the board, especially given a time that is comparable to Cook and McCaffrey.

Any numbers you’re hoping to hit at the NFL Combine? Any 40 time goals?

(Laughs) Nah, I think I’ll show it on the field. My agent told me that all my drills and 40 time will be just icing on the cake. My main focus is to do well in the quarterback drills and all the throws, especially the 18-yard digs, 18-yard comebacks, you know. I want to show where I’m at footwork-wise and everything. I just want to prove my skills, show I can throw the ball on time and accurately, and in conjunction with the other stuff. I’m excited to show it all.

What quarterbacks do you like to watch and emulate?

The quarterback I watch the most? Hands down, Aaron Rodgers. He’s the best in the game to me, it’s not close. And no offense to Tom Brady, love Tom Brady, but Rodgers is the best. The way he’s able to move and throw, stay in the pocket and finish, make plays look easy. He’s just a guy I always watch and try to pick things up from people.

As far as who people compare me to, I wish they’d say more Aaron Rodgers, like Cheap Lacrosse Jerseys a bigger Aaron Rodgers (laughs), just the adjustments he makes, extremely strong arm, he’s Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys a great leader, all those things I try to do. But I get a lot of Cam Newton because of my running style and size. He’s got all those things too, and I watch him a lot, too.