Colin Kaepernick’s unemployment reveals troubling character of hidden NFL execs

Week 1 of the 2017 NFL season is here, and Colin Kaepernick is unemployed. If you’re not sure why (and goodness knows what reason you have for that), then re-read the comments of an unnamed NFL general manager to Sporting News last week.

If you still are not sure after reading that, you don’t really want to know. You’ve told yourself a lie. Or a series of them, much like another group of NFL team executives told other outlets last week, also under cloak of anonymity.

To be fair, the one who spoke to SN told a story that’s equally insulting to our intelligence. It also deals with opinions the league and its teams want to pass off as facts. But they’re what he and his colleagues actually believe. It’s at the core of their collective shutout of Kaepernick.

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