Joe Thomas compares Roger Goodell to a rat after Tom Brady handshake

Joe Thomas had been mocking Roger Goodell’s relationship with the Patriots leading up to the Super Bowl, and now he’s poking even more fun at the NFL commissioner.

During an appearance Thursday morning on ProFootballTalk Live, Thomas explained his thoughts on watching the postgame trophy celebration. Specifically, he was paying attention to Goodell’s interaction with Tom Brady.

Renee Elise Goldsberry, Jasmine Cephas Jones and Phillipa Soo, original cast members of the Tony Award-winning Broadway hit “Hamilton: An American Musical,” will sing “America The Beautiful” as part of Super Bowl 51 pregame festivities.

In addition, on behalf of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), actor Kriston Lee Pumphrey will perform in American sign language both the national anthem and “America The Beautiful.”

Even though the Lions took Eric Ebron in the top 10 just three years ago, I’ve been Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Online told they’ll be focused on the 2017 tight end class. I won’t have a mock draft between now and the 2017 draft (barring a trade or free agency addition) that doesn’t have the Lions taking a tight end in the first two rounds. O.J. Howard likely won’t be there for them at 21. David Njoku of Miami might be, though.

The Browns didn’t do themselves any favors at the Senior Bowl. Their practice Cheap Jerseys USA Soccer was widely reported as inefficient, and they brought an absurd number of personnel: 57 people. I don’t know what the carryover will be for the Browns and their relationship with the rest of the league, but other scouts I spoke with were disgruntled to say the least.