Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis declared cancer-free

Chad Bettis is cancer free.

The Rockies pitcher announced Wednesday on MLB Network Radio that recent exams showed there were no signs of cancer in his body.

“I feel great,” Bettis said. “I got an early Christmas present the other day. The doctor called me on Dec. 22 and told me that I’m cancer-free, so all is good and I’m ready to push forward here.”

Bettis, 27, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in November and had a testicle removed. He said he was sidelined for two weeks from his conditioning program, but soon was able to resume some workouts.

“After that two-week process, I started full workouts,” Bettis said. “I’m actually throwing now and working out again.”

According to Bettis, he will have blood work done every few months to make sure the cancer hasn’t returned and there are no complications.

Ever since Bettis fully joined the Rockies in 2015, he has posted a 22-14 record with a 4.57 ERA.

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