Josh Hamilton released by Rangers as yet another knee surgery looms

Josh Hamilton has run out of chances with the Texas Rangers after suffering yet another knee injury.

The team has released the former American League MVP from his minor league contract, a spokesman announced Friday — a move that seems likely to bring an end to Hamilton’s hopes of returning to the majors.

The Rangers said Hamilton injured his right knee while rehabbing from a February procedure to repair the meniscus in his left knee. He will need to have surgery on the right knee, the 11th time one of his knees has gone under the knife.

Estrada, 69, was found hours after he was reported missing by his team, Bravos de Leon, and league officials.

According to The Associated Press, authorities, the team and Estrada offered few details about what happened, but, when pressed by reporters at a news conference, team president Mauricio Martinez said Estrada hadn’t been kidnapped but was the victim of an “extortion” attempt without giving any specific information.

Likewise, Estrada was sketchy about what happened but offered a story that involved a hotel, armed men and odd phone calls that kept him awake, a situation known in Mexico as a “virtual kidnapping.”

Earlier Thursday, the team had reported Estrada — who Cheap Jerseys USing Paypal recently underwent heart surgery — as missing, saying in a statement, “We do not know if Paquín could be in a hospital or clinic due to a medical relapse or was a victim of some [crime].” Mexican League spokesman Gabriel Medina said at that point the last known contact with Estrada was Tuesday night, and he missed a scheduled press conference Wednesday morning.

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