John Elway doesn’t need new Broncos quarterback — just for Paxton Lynch to be better

John Elway is executive vice president of the Denver Broncos, but he tweeted a lot like the president of the United States on Wednesday.

With his team’s quarterback situation becoming messier than anticipated in Year 2 of Trevor Siemian vs. Paxton Lynch, Elway had to shoot down rumors of the Broncos pursuing a third option: Bengals backup AJ McCarron.

“A lot goes into our evaluation but it’s always going to be about efficiently and effectively running the offense,” Jackson said. “You want your starter to be able to do that despite any circumstance. Brock hasn’t really gotten any first-team reps and this will give him that chance. We look forward to seeing what he can do with this opportunity throughout the week and against the Saints.”

“Winning the Super Bowl will always be special. Football changes lives like that,” Jones said. “A year later we did it again and certainly a dynasty was born.”

Jones was presented by his wife, Gene, who was one of two wives to present their husbands on Saturday. The other was Brenda Warner, the wife of former Rams and Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner. Gene Jones and Brenda Warner are the third and fourth women to present their husbands for induction, joining Kim Singletary (Mike Singletary, 1998) and Deanna Favre (Brett Favre, 2016).

“Gene, you kept me between the rails when I didn’t really have Kobe Bryant Cheap Jerseys the strength to get to the middle,” Jones said to his wife. “You’re my presenter because you’ve always presented this family in a loving and caring light that only you can provide.”

Jones’ experience as a college player at Arkansas made him want to pursue a career in Make Cheap Jerseys Online football. He thought about coaching, but figured there was not much money in coaching.

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