he showed excellent agility in the three-cone and shuttle drills and good size

How did Memphis climb to the middle of the pack in three-point reliance after finishing in the bottom five in both metrics last season? Gasol became a legitimate stretch-five, hitting 39 percent of more than three triples per game, while Conley became a gunner, doubling his threes per game while hitting 40 percent. Carter and Troy Daniels added some shooting punch off the bench.

When your center and point guard are really good three-point shooters, you can survive playing Allen at the two for 27 minutes per game. That said, the Grindfather is 35, and the injuries are piling up. Reliability is a bigger issue than shooting. With limited resources and no faith that Parsons will return to form, Memphis can’t afford to invest in players who are health risks.

At the NFL Combine, he showed excellent agility in the three-cone and shuttle drills and good size, at 6’2, 204, with above-average hand size.

His head coach at EWU, current Cal offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin, runs an air raid offense. That means tons of passing and lots of option routes for receivers. Kupp spent four years moving all around EWU’s formations, running routes that change after the snap with the purpose of leading receivers to green grass. (Or red turf, in games played at EWU.)

We don’t use the term “air raid” much for NFL offenses, but pro teams have moved close to the system. The Patriots have enjoyed great success with the help of ex-air raid receivers who time up routes and get open at exactly the right times.

“That’s gonna be big at the next level,” Kupp said, “as much as you are called to be able to find zones and understand what the defense is doing. There’s so many adjustments off of every route that, if you’re able to understand the defense, then you can play that much faster, because Cheap Spirit Jerseys you don’t even know pre-snap, sometimes, exactly what you’re gonna need to do.”

Gregg Popovich is shutting down James Harden with mind control

The Spurs were off to a hot start against the Houston Rockets. It’s the kind of start San Antonio was hoping for to bounce back from a 126-99 loss in Game 1 of the second round.

After only scoring 39 points in the first half of Game 1, the Spurs scored 65 and held the lead in Game 2. Some coaches would be content with that momentum, but coach Gregg Popovich was livid.

Just look at the way he stared at James Harden as the second quarter ended. He knows the Spurs have the lead, but he also knows Harden can single-handedly change that. Harden and the Rockets did set a franchise playoff records for three-pointers on Monday, after all. The only logical reaction for Pop would be to stare at Harden until his superpowers are gone. It’s like The Force, only that it’s fueled by a love of rare wines, I assume.

Free throws have always been a punishment for breaking the NBA’s rules, but in the past years, hacking bad shooters has turned the penalty shot into an advantage. It’s certainly not why we watch basketball. Ideally, the sport is a free-flowing, end-to-end product with constant motion and infrequent breaks in action. Intentional fouling directly undermines that goal.

Don’t blame Mike D’Antoni for using the strategy. He waited as long as he could to break out the strategy, and fouling Roberson helped his team win the game.

Don’t blame Andre Roberson. For some reason, he can’t shoot free throws, and that will always be a weakness in his game. It’s not because he doesn’t work on it during every practice and shootaround. It’s not the fault of the hundreds of hours he has spent working to become a better shooter.

In fact, Roberson used to be a better shooter. He hit 70 percent Cheap UK Basketball Jerseys as a rookie before falling off the next season. This is as much mental as it Cheap Throwback NBA Jerseys is physical.

Pay close attention when his name comes up and analysts give you their view of him

There’s a lot of love for Derek Rivers of Youngstown State, but few are acknowledging him as a first-round lock. McDowell was a late change for Atlanta thanks to his ability to work inside and outside and create a pass rush.

By the time this pick takes place it might not be New Orleans making it. Although you can argue a quarterback for them, they could trade this pick to a team that needs a quarterback and wants to ensure they can get a fifth-year team option on his contract.

As an evaluator, it’s much more important for me to see a defensive lineman Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China beating the offensive lineman with a good pass rush move than whether he gets credit for a sack or a hurry on that particular play in most instances.

It’s not easy to get a sack or a hurry. It’s fucking hard.

And it is even fucking harder to rack up those stats when you are McDowell’s size and lined up in the damn A gap all the time.

I don’t think y’all hear me, doe.

Just understand that McDowell’s stat sheet tells you next to nothing about what his potential is on the next level.

Pay close attention when his name comes up and analysts give you their view of him. Because opinions on McDowell’s potential are likely to split between those who know what the fuck they are talking about and who don’t. Believe it or not, Hooker almost didn’t stick around to become this dynamic playmaker for Ohio State. During Wholesale Jerseys All his redshirt freshman year, he nearly left, according to Ben Axelrod of Bleacher Report.

Browns would rather trade for QB than draft one

The Cleveland Browns selected three talented prospects — Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, and David Njoku — in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft. However, Cleveland still needs a quarterback to give its offense a boost. The Browns decided not to draft a quarterback on the first day, but they were trying to trade for one and still might be in the market.

There are many current players who got their starts as undrafted free Cheap Jerseys Stitched agents, and a few of them took to Twitter to encourage guys who weren’t drafted.

Justin Forsett was a seventh rounder, so he knows how it feels to sit through round after round, wondering if an NFL opportunity will materialize.

Five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady — stop me if you’ve heard this, but he was a sixth round pick — offered a reminder that it doesn’t matter how a player gets his start. Once they’re on the roster, they’re part of the team.

Your favorite team is busy trying to find the next great underrated talent. Check out our undrafted free agent tracker for all of the latest signings.

Mixon plays the entire 2015 season for Oklahoma after his reinstatement, but he never meets with the media. However, due to Orange Bowl rules, he is made available to the NBA Cheap Jerseys media leading up to the Sooners’ College Football Playoff matchup against Clemson.

Mixon refuses to answer any questions about the incident, at the advice of his legal counsel.

That isn’t to say that, with some good coaching, McKinley can’t get better. I suspect he will. But his lack of size and poor pass rush technique as an edge rusher mean he is going to be more of a project, and I am not sure how many GMs are going to wait after they take him in the first round.

There is, of course, the possibility that a team drafts McKinley as an off-the-ball linebacker. After all, UCLA lined him up as a middle linebacker several times to blitz …

Everything I hear suggests the Browns like Trubisky the best among the QBs

For a player of Walker’s size, there are concerns with whether the former Seminole has the athleticism necessary to succeed on the edge. While Walker boasts his trademark swim move, his recovery ability hasn’t necessarily translated to that move in particular. Walker isn’t a great bender — he makes turning in space look far more difficult than it should be.

There are also questions about the defensive end’s motor. Walker appeared to tire at times gave some plays when the hustle wasn’t there. Fatigue seems to be a major factor with Walker, which means the defensive end could potentially find a niche as a situational edge rusher.

McShay also moved Garrett to the top spot, but also thinks the Browns can land Trubisky at No. 12, slightly changing his tune from earlier in the day.

“Everything I hear suggests the Browns like Trubisky the best among the QBs,” McShay previously wrote. “It’s unlikely he drops to No. 12, where Cleveland picks again. So the questions become: Take Myles Garrett here and try to trade back up for Trubisky? Or take the QB and address pass-rusher at No. 12? Fascinating decision.”

With other quarterback-needy teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, and New York Jets in the top 10, the Browns could attempt to trade up and secure both players, but that may be easier said than done.

With the NFL draft hours away, the overwhelming majority of mock Cheap Jerseys NFL Jerseys drafts still project Garrett will be the No. 1 pick. The Browns, in fact, even told Garrett he will be the top Cheap Jerseys In The US selection in tonight’s draft.